Cheers for World Women's Day! Win 3 x 6 Bottles of the special Edition FÜRSTIN (!) By Metternich to celebrate and toast.

Contains ads for women, champagne bottles and women on champagne bottles

A m March 8, today International Women's Day. I have to admit, so far this has meant to me as much as the Day of the Meatballs (March 9), the International Day of the Fanny Pack (March 11) and the Day of the Earmuffs (March 13). But because I've never felt restricted or patronized in my life, other women do not have to go the same way - you can hear so much right now. Although I am aware that there is still a long way to go towards equal rights in many areas (especially with paragraphs!), I would like to draw a positive balance on this World Women's Day: Girls, I think we can rightfully toast a few things !

i had to submit was for those taking swimming lessons. And best of all, at least the men around me think that's the way it is.

Looking at the achievements of the last 107 years since the first World Women's Day, you can say the glass is definitely more today when half full. Not as full as I would always wish for my glass, but never empty. Of course, this progress was not in vain. He was only possible because the "weaker sex" fought for his rights with the courage and tenacity of a Tyrolean mountain farmer. Inch by inch and with the highest personal commitment.

Back over Prince - here comes the Princess!

And today? Our country is ruled by a woman, on the shelf of my son Black Widow is next to the male Marvel superheroes and Henkell makes the World Women's Day from "Prince of Metternich" just a PRINCESS. That may be a small gesture, but it shows that the issues of equal rights and women's rights are increasingly coming to the center of society. And that's how it should be.

So, on this World Women's Day, I raise my glass and toast: To the suffragettes and lemurs, to the first car mechanic and the first chief physician and to the long line of gentle, wild and crazy women, that changed our world. Thank you for allowing me to be a woman!

I also want to toast? I'm giving away 3 x 6 bottles of the special edition sparkling wine FÜRSTIN von Metternich

For World Women's Day, the traditional brand Fürst von Metternich simply made the ancestral nobility label a princess on the label. What a beautiful idea! The one-time special edition is not available on the market - but you have the chance here to win an exclusive stock to toast and celebrate your moments of success. And so you get the good stuff:

Leave me until 11.03.2018, 23:59 clock a comment on which of your successes or on what plans you with yourselves (and your men, girlfriends, Loves). I am looking forward to your comments and I am very excited! These are the conditions of participation. Good luck!