Blood orange basil mocktail. A sparkling cocktail for your alcohol-free time.

Contains advertising for juice with no additives

I n Hamburg you notice nothing of it, but in the rest of Germany just explodes 5th season. Monday and Tuesday, the carnival-crazy southern half gives everything it has. And on Ash Wednesday, as you know, it's all over. Lent begins.

Actually, this is a really nice ritual, after the colorful (and - let's face it - rather alcoholic) activities while eating and drinking a little bit back and a critical eye to throw your own consumption. In recent years Lent has come back into fashion. Even if you are not religious. People are revising their eating habits, their consumption of alcohol or their buying behavior at this time.

The man and I started our personal "Lent" this year a little earlier. January 2nd was for us D-Day: down with the calories, away with the alcohol. (You've probably already noticed the 500 calorie recipes here, here, here and there.) Crappily, such a decision with a significant date is always much easier. New Year or even Ash Wednesday are perfect for that. Actually, our little fasting experience should only go until the end of January. But because it gives us a good feeling (and also positively influences one or two little rolls, yeah!), We just keep going. At least until the end of February. So.

A quick alcohol-free drink - perfect for a couple's evening, toast with friends or for the whole family: the Blood Orange Basil Mocktail

In order to keep the whole thing positive for as long as possible, we have to take a little bit of trouble here and there. For example, in the beverage selection. The 48th pot of tea does not really make us happy when couching with the favorite series. We found out. That's why we sprinkle a non-alcoholic cocktail into the evening program on some evenings. Direct-pressed fruit juices without sugar or other additives are a great and practical basis for this. "Are you looking for blood orange, tangerine or pineapple/pink guava tonight?", The man asks and sets off for the fridge. Shortly after, he returns with one of his creations.

The Blood Orange Basil Mocktail is one of our favorites: sparkling, non-alcoholic, not too sweet with a little prickling. Add a touch of basil ... just delicious! The Valensina juice is 100% freshly squeezed Moro Blood Orange is the leading ingredient here: Immediately after harvest, the juice is freshly pressed from 2.5 kilos of ripe blood oranges, pasteurized briefly and then migrates directly without any other ingredients (and especially without sugar) into the Bottle. Incidentally, the deep red Moro oranges mature in Europe on the slopes of the volcano Etna, bringing along quite a bit of the Sicilian sun. Consistently chilled, it will stay in the fridge for about two weeks. Fruity, not too sweet, slightly dry - very, very yummy! The Mocktail is fixed in two minutes from three ingredients and mixes course (if you like) aufrüschen with Deko cocktailesk. Perfect for the couple's evening, toast with friends or even the whole family with teenage kids.

So, what do you say? Lent Yay or Nay? Could you imagine spending a few weeks on the after-work red wine or the beer and enjoying a delicious, fresh fruit cocktail like the blood orange basil mocktail? Or do you have other favorites? I'm curious!

Have a good time

The recipe for a sparkling, non-alcoholic cocktail: Blood Orange-Basil Mocktail

Ingredients for 1 jar:

1/3 portion sparkling water, chilled
1/3 portion Tonic Water , chilled
1/3 portion of blur orange juice (juice without sugar eg Moro blood orange of Valensina)
2 ice cubes
1 large branch of basil


Optionally as a decoration:
1 blood orange sliced ​​

Here's how it works:

Pour sparkling water, Tonic Water and Blood Orange Juice into a glass one at a time and stir briefly.

Add the ice cubes and decoratively put the basil branch into the glass Serve the Blood Orange Basil Mocktail with a straw. you're looking for extra decoration, let a slice of blood orange slide into the glass.

Tip: Whoever strengthens Like basil flavor, pluck a few leaves from the twig first, chop them and put them in the jar. Cheers!