Golden cauliflower soup with crispy ham and pine nuts. In 20 slim minutes on the table!

H Yummy, velvety, spicy and with the decisive bit of crispy - the golden cauliflower soup with crispy ham and pine nuts is clearly in the bowl comfort category. And it's super easy to prepare and in just 20 minutes ready to eat .

After three miserable weeks of flu with extreme couching and all the common additional features (did you miss me ?) this cauliflower soup was the first that I cooked myself again. The men have of course made every effort to properly nourish me incapacitated handkerchief monster and put in the right choice of the evening prepared frozen meals and canned soups. (The one or other portion of love, a little flower and new Unicorn plush Hauspuschen of course it was still on top.) But what can I say: When I finally stood at the stove and could hold the blender in the pot, I knew: now biste over mountain, now everything will be fine. And the last small deficiency symptoms "type flu" would also sweep this soup away quickly: Because it is simply prepared, quickly finished, made of fresh cauliflower, with great taste and great color - plus a big pinch spice spice: turmeric.