{Hamburg Tip} The RICETERIA. The fantastic showroom living room with lots of goodies and tasty snacks.

F all you ever secretly wished to be invited to the flat of a five-headed rainbow unicorn family ... then you must visit the RICETERIA in Hamburg. She is incredibly colorful, she is incredibly comfortable and you really just want to shout out loud screams all the time. Because you constantly find something that you absolutely must have. Or have to give away. Or hoard in the future for an unknown event.

The Danish company RICE - well-known for its very colorful and schischilastige collection - had a great idea here: the showroom with crockery, furniture, vases , Lamps, carpets, table linen and decorative objects is not just a shop. He is a living room. In an old shop with high ceilings and stucco a fantastic colorful place of inspiration and relaxation has emerged. You walk in astonishment through the different rooms, admiring the colorful splendor and find everywhere corners and small niches for settling, relaxing and clapping. Temporary living in RICE-Wunderland.

A few impressions? Then go:

Healthy Snacks, Klönen, Shopping. And golden sugar bowls.

So that the coziness is perfect, in the pink (!) Counter various delicious homemade Stullen, snacks and cakes are ready. In addition, a delicious milk coffee or a lime -naturally true style served on the unbreakable RICE melanin dishes - and have passed one or two hours in the rainbow land.

With my friends Nic von Luziapimpinella, Anja of the ships and Ms. Piepenkötter I have myself extensively convinced how great this works. In cozy armchairs around the golden unicorn sugar bowl (sharp scream!) We spent a whole afternoon in the RICETERIA. Until it was dark outside. We were pampered on the most beautiful by the charming Mo RICE and over again with delicious particles "against the small hunger" supplied./images/image-130420192240S3j7.jpeg "alt =" Hamburg Tips The Riceteria Showroom & Cafe | GourmetGuerilla "itemprop =" image ">

Actually, you have no reason ever to go again. Besides this maybe: you have to drag your loot (the account will forgive, someday., Probably) home and stare happily all evening long. And the next day. 01511 4802222

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