Homemade vegan multivitamin fruit gum hearts. Sweets for your sweet, less sugar for your honey.

W ie would it be with a very special little snack for your loved ones? Delicious, vegan, homemade multivitamin fruit gum hearts for example. They are made from only two ingredients and bring with them a small dose of vitamins and natural fruit flavors with very little sugar. They melt nice and cool in the mouth and glow in a delicious red.

Sweets for your sweet - less sugar for your honey!

Does that sound good? Great! By the way, the little multivitamin fruit gum hearts look like they're done when they're ready to eat:

For super fast production you only need a small pot, red mutivitamin juice, agar Agar (a vegetable gelling agent) and a silicone heart shape with pipette. I used the heart shape from this set of shapes with gummy bear, star and shell shape *. The individual shapes are pretty thin, so that jelly, chocolate or ice can easily be triggered without breaking. And with the enclosed practical pipette, the candy mass can be very clean and accurately dosed into the molds.

The whole thing then only has to cool down for 2 hours (in the fridge it's even faster!) And the red hearts are already falling out of shape and waiting to be nibbled. Put the finished Mutivitamin gummy hearts into a nice jar and store in a cool place until you give them to someone.

Have a tasty

The super-easy recipe for home-made vegan multivitamin fruit gum hearts

=" col "> Ingredients for about 30 hearts (2 forms):

400 ml red multivitamin juice (juice without sugar)
2 teaspoon Agar Agar

Sugar or sweetener of your choice

Here's how it works:

Bring the red multivitamin juice to a boil in a small saucepan.

The agar-agar (and optionally the sweetener of your choice) stir with a whisk and simmer on a low flame for 2 minutes. Stir frequently.

It is best to fill the juice into a silicone heart shape with the aid of a confectionery pimpette.

Approx. Allow to gel for 2 hours.

Mutivitamin gum hearts are kept in a cool, air-tight container for approximately 3-4 days.

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