My 11 tastiest low carb and LCHF recipes for connoisseurs

N Are you also taking the momentum of the New Year and turning a bit on the food screw? On Facebook and Instagram, I hear that many of you are currently watching for carbohydrates, feeding on low carb or avoiding sugar and white flour. I think that's great! And I wish you a lot of positive effects and a few kilos or more.

From my own experience I know, of course, that the euphoria and lightness of the first weeks (trees rip, where is the piano etc) sometime fizzle and the whole action becomes tougher. Often this is due to too one-sided menus, which in the long run are simply boring and make it clear every day that you are doing without a lot of stuff. And especially with low carb recipes, there is sometimes a pretty one-sided fixation on a handful of foods in everyday life. Again chicken with cauliflower? Örgs ...

But hey - we have something against that! For all those who would like to have a little change in their diet, I have put together my tastiest low carb recipes here. With a lot of taste, color and low carbohydrates. I'm curious what your favorite is.

Well, and now, hold on, feel great and have it tasty! PS: Here are many more delicious low carb and LCHF recipes. Recipes for gourmets

Swedish sausage pot

The Swedish sausage pot tastes like summer holidays on the plate. In addition to the sausage, he brings a lot of vegetables and is absolutely perfect for the whole family. Children are totally into the sausage goulash in the creamy tomato sauce and adults can feel with it again briefly as in the kindergarten. So delicious!

(LCHF recipe) Swedish sausage pot |

Chicken in spicy peanut sauce with green crackling toppings and cauli rice

The chicken (or tofu) in spicy peanut sauce comes with green crack tapping and cauli rice. The Asian-inspired aromas on the plate guaranteed guaranteed very satisfied and wonderfully full. Just great at the end of a long day!

Chicken in spicy peanut sauce with green crackling topping and coconut-lime cauli rice |

Family-Tested Turnip Gratin with Thyme Mince and Pepper

The family-proven turnip gratin is hearty and tastes good guaranteed the whole rattle gang. With spicy thyme hamburger, aromatic rutabaga (do not worry, that's so delicious!) And gratinated cheese it warms especially on colder days tummy and soul.

 Low-Carb Turnip Gratin with Thyme Mince and Pepper

Eggplant Mini Pizza with provolone, chorizo ​​and spinach

Fancy pizza without carbohydrates? Then try this eggplant mini-pizza. Spicy tomato sauce, Italian Provolone cheese and strong chorizo ​​are guaranteed to leave nothing to be desired. Bella Italia on the plate, no.

Eggplant mini pizzas with provolone, chorizo ​​and spinach |

Quick'n Deluxe Blackened Tuna salad with habanero lime dressing

Sometimes it just has to be something crunchy! The Quick'n Deluxe Blackened Tuna salad with habanero lime dressing is the perfect choice. The short-fried, spicy tuna and spicy dressing make the salad something special.Please: The drunken chicken schnapps Marsala bring sunbeams on your plate. And of course they are right, right, yummy. Do not you really have to say that again, right? With a few green beans or a mixed salad as a side dish a great weekend meal!

{Low Carb} Drunken chicken schnapps masala with mushrooms and Tomatoes

Redfish with Olives Gremolata and Baked Tomatoes confiscated in Olive Oil

If you've been a bit on the hunt with fish so far standest (he breaks up in the pan, the cake smooches etc.), then the translated into olive oil redfish will certainly inspire you. It comes with a spicy olive gremolata and baked cherry tomatoes and is juicy, tender and incredibly aromatic. So, what are you waiting for? Ran to the fish!

In olive oil conferier redfish with olive gremolata and baked tomatoes |

Spicy Chicken on Spinach Lentils

A quick and uncomplicated dish with an exciting twist: Spinach and lentils are given a touch of India with a homemade spice paste and score with a great aroma. The pink roasted chicken and a dollop of creamy yoghurt are just perfect: Spicy chicken with spinach lentils.

Spicy chicken with spinach Lentils

Avocado Salmon Salad with Marinated Radishes and Pomegranate and Coriander Vinaigrette

s even more colorful! The avocado and salmon salad with marinated radishes is not just a feast for the eyes - the sweet and sour pomegranate-coriander vinaigrette gives a wonderful taste kick. A favorite salad to eat properly!

Avocado and salmon salad with marinated radishes and pomegranate and cilantro vinaigrette |

Courgette Quark Lasagna

The absolute classic in my low carb kitchen: Zucchini Quark Lasagna. Zucchini slices are layered with lard, Parmesan cheese and pesto and brown and sizzling out of the oven. A spicy and surprisingly aromatic pleasure. The Lasagna also tastes great on hot summer days!

Zucchini Quark Lasagna

Korean tofu stew with kimchi

And now it's getting hot! The Korean tofu stew with kimchi makes me always instant happy: hot, spicy, with meat and tofu (yeah, these Koreans have it) and super taste - soup love can hardly be bigger. Who needs rice or noodles? Just. None. By the way, the whole thing is finished in 15 slim minutes on the table. YAY!

Fast Korean Tofu Stew with Kimchi Sundubu JJigae |